MRSA screen agar base 500gm Biolab/بايولاب-اوروبي
July 19, 2022
R2A Agar 500gm Biolab
July 19, 2022
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Plate Count Agar 500gm Biolab

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Safety and technical data sheet

Plate Count Agar


Information on basic physical and chemical properties:
Appearance (dehydrated medium): Homogeneous hygroscopic powder
Colour (dehydrated medium): Yellowish
Odor (dehydrated medium): No information available
pH before autoclaving (25 °C): 7,0 approx.
Appearance (ready to use medium): Gel
Colour (ready to use medium): Yellowish
Odor (ready to use medium): No information available
pH (ready to use medium, 25 °C): 6,9 – 7,1
Water solubility: > 23,5 g/l

Stable under the recommended handling and storage conditions.
Conditions to avoid
Strong heating, in case of powdered media: risk of powder explosion.
Incompatible materials

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